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personal failures with a happy ending

first i dreamed that my boss had rated my sudden decision to call out a "d-" and had used me as a negative example to the rest of the staff. i was upset and confronted her. "why did you do that?" i demanded to know. i don't recall her response, but it must have been unsatisfactory because i complained to k. right after. then, as i stood outside contemplating how to spend my day off, l. and p. came up and showed me baseball-card style pictures of a younger m. who apparently had been quite a looker back in the day. i couldn't believe it was the same woman.

i left work and decided for exhibitionistic reasons to go on a roller coaster ride notorious for flipping up the bikini tops of its female passengers. a man came around and put rubber flesh-colored things atop our chests, but like the last scene of the "hit & run" episode of _strangers with candy_, it made no difference and all the men hanging around got flashed. interestingly, mine did not flip up.

then... we went way up in the air and didn't come back down again until i almost lost my physical grip. i could feel my fingers slipping and my body straining against the restraints, but eventually the cart found the track again and delivered me to the ground in one piece. i woke up before we returned to the station.

2:20 p.m. - 2004-12-15


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