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three things:

1. i was working in the c.a.l.l. classroom again. j was there because m was taking a final exam. i was helping the students read a large print book, although they stumbled over big words like fortunately. the phone on the wall rang just then -- it was a guy from a mormon ward calling to complain about crank calls. i said, "um, they're not from here," then gave him some advice and hung up. when m. showed up at four, it occurred to me that i wasn't supposed to be there.

2. so that's when i went shopping for some kind of pastry. but all the store really had were huge cakes.

3. so i went to see fr. damien instead. yes, that fr. damien! i was a little nervous because the omen was near. i felt it. it was late afternoon, the wind was blowing outside his building, and it was in there. we tried to hurry, ,but fr. got bound up in a wicker coffin in his apartment. (it happened very fast.)

1:39 a.m. - 2003-07-05


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