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george harrison

1. george harrison was in my spanish class.

2. i was there too, but in my pajamas.

i told george that i was going home at the break to change. he asked if i would have enough time and i said, "oh yeah, no problem." so i left and wound up driving somewhere else with my father in stl! my clothes were different by then. i was annoyed about not being able to go to george's house. i said, "doesn't GH live around here?" he replied offhandedly, "yeah, over near russell st." "well," i retorted testily, "let's go take a look at it."

we stopped the car somewhere and popped open the trunk. as we were unloading schoolbooks onto someone's front lawn, he picked a fight with me about my education. we argued in front of two little kids who were standing inside their front door. i don't know who they were.

10:55 p.m. - 2003-08-02


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