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Incompetent party host

1. Something about crossing the street by myself. A bunch of moms, random families were hanging around the crosswalks and I wanted to show them (46 years old) how easy it is to use the crosswalk and leave. So I did. Left them in the dust.

2. Decided to throw a party, of course people from out out of town showed up early and I was super unready for them.

3. Someone insisted on a hug (hello, is there no Covid in dreamland?).

4. There were some snacks in plastic containers over all the couches but no food-food yet prepared.

5. I was eating a banned-from-me snack and made mention of my obsession and asked him if he ever got obsessed with foods for periods of timeā€¦ and he said no!!! What the hell. Now what am I going to talk to this guy about!

4:23 p.m. - 2022-12-09


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