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since i quit my time-intensive job 3 weeks ago, i've finally been able to hit REM sleep again! last night i dreamed that i was walking down flamingo, technically in the immediate vicinity of the office, when a school bus tipped over on its side in the middle of traffic. the truck behind it began pushing it further into the intersection, making a terrible noise as the metal scraped the ground. several other cars rammed into each other as well. plumes of smoke rose up from the wreckage. as i stood on the corner watching, i noticed a police officer a few cars up. my first thought was, "i witnessed this! i need to give a statement." my second thought, however, was that i had only seen the impact and not whatever caused it. "there are plenty of other witnesses," i said to myself. "they don't need my input." i started to walk away.

12:45 p.m. - 2007-12-10


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