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unintended client visit & firebombing

some crazy shit was happening in the neighborhood, so my dad and i split up in a concentrated effort to get home. i walked straight into the ritzy girls school whose annual fund i've been working on for the past three months. some old society woman asked me if i knew where i was going, and i lied and said yes. my plan was to walk through it, go out the back door and head home. but i made a wrong turn somewhere and ended up in the swank cafeteria. i quickly put on a size 13 uniform (perish the thought) and tried to pretend like i was a student. i got a glimpse of myself and i was very melanie houssels (sp) from the sorority girls sketch on snl from 12 years ago. very not me. anyway, i talked to someone who let me in on the uniform codes (blue means lower school, etc.) and then i thought i saw a disheveled boy in there. "i.. thought this school was all girl?" i asked questioningly, and she said the person was a girl. oopsie..

i finally got out of there and back into the street. dad caught up with me just as hooligans in pickup trucks started throwing molotovs into the crowd. shheeitt! we ran like hell, bottles of flames nearly hitting our shins every minute. i was afraid my dad was going to get hurt.

i got back to the house and was doing something in the backyard when i noticed my neighbor's window was wide open. we could hear each other, so i did some test and they shut the window. thank god, i hate feeling overexposed.

10:14 a.m. - 2004-12-08


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