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the looney bin's parting gift

some mysterious person, my mother, and i were sitting around a folding table in my dead grandmother's kitchen discussing the possibility of visiting the old mental hospital up the hill. my mother wasn't interested, unsurprisingly, but i was game and apparently was going that night. the dream took me to the homes of some people i know, but not actually to the hospital.

when i returned, i went right back to the kitchen and emptied a sack of who-knows-what into the kitchen sink. there was something heavy and lumpy in there, as well as some egg shells. apparently i'd picked up some action-figure sized people on the trip because a tiny journalist ran out from under the dining table and started firing questions. i turned around and kicked her in the head, sort of kicking her away. then some other tiny person came up, but i didn't kick her. i said, "why don't you go talk to the snake," and motioned at the wooden snake (that lb had bought in mexico last may) that was slithering out from the other end of the table. i turned back to my project and was adding some butter to the bowl of raw eggs when a relative came in and said to lay off the butter. "what about all this?" i said, referring to gobs of butter ready for use. she said, "don't use it or you will ruin them!" i was like, "all right.. ." i woke up just as i was sticking the cookies into the oven.

1:09 p.m. - 2004-12-03


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