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amber, sex, rocks, and ice cream

dreamed i was at a.'s house during a torrential rainstorm. a. was curious about sex and sex positions, so i let her straddle me & told her that it would be best if she were on top. that way, "it would probably hurt less," and she said that "linda" had told her the same thing. we were fully clothed, btw. i felt like it was sisterly advice.

then i got up and went to the window. who knew houston was rocky? when the rain stopped, we went out and looked around. she picked up a rock and said, "there are no minerals in this." i looked and said, "see that sparkly stuff? those are minerals!" and she was impressed.

then she disappeared, and guess where i was working? br, of course. two famous people worked alongside me, as well as a.d. they were getting messy. the store was swelling with people as i tried in vain to make a banana royalle. i was getting madder and madder because the proper cup size was missing, my bananas were melting, and then my cup of bananas disappeared altogether! grrr! i ended up crawling around on the floor until i found what i was looking for. the customer was probably pretty pissed, but he held it together. i woke up before i served him.

10:25 a.m. - 2003-11-29


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