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Dad appears

I had a hybrid dream that took place essentially in the hallway of Grandma Moss's living room, just in the living room right before the dining room. A big table was set up and Dad was on the end in his puffy white jacket closest to the front door. Wayne was sitting next to him with a ballcap on backwards. Kathy was across from Dad, and a couple other women. Only... Dad's face was shimmering on Kathy's head. It was/wasn't Kathy. They were all shooting the breeze and I was standing somewhere in the vicinity of the bookshelf/piano. I was "letting" Dad entertain everyone so I didn't have to participate, I guess. Other people were there like Jeff and Berta, and Sarah under a table. Anyway I distinctly heard my dad say, "I miss Januarys, I miss the beginnings of Januarys." I would imagine he would as he was a January 1st baby. He has been gone now for 14 mos and we are getting ready for the second January without him. I miss him. I miss marking the beginning of January with him also. Bahhh.

3:07 p.m. - 2011-11-30


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