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lake jump plus nicole kidman

for reasons i cannot explain, last night i jumped off the sears tower and into lake michigan. on the way down, i grabbed ahold of another kid's shirt to slow the descent. his friend told me to let go, which i did after a few minutes, and then i fell a whole lot faster. mid-air, i curled up into the fetal position and hit the water super hard. somehow i survived, none the worse for wear.

later, i found myself in a swimming pool with nicole kidman and some other people. nicole was complaining about looking fat in her swimsuit, a total joke. she and i went underwater and then she gave me the finger. too funny! some time after that, i visited the grave of someone buried in the hotel garden. i don't know who it was, but i felt reluctant to leave.

1:47 p.m. - 2004-11-28


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