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i had this silly dream again where meg ryan is supposedly living in an abandoned house behind the 7-11 on flamingo and sandhill. i investigate like the detective i am and find no trace of evidence.

then i'm on vacation with an older guy and end up literally choking a chicken as we speed down a country road. at some point we reach our destination and all that disappears. i've hooked up with some tall blond guy named dennis, but i'm still with sham. i'm reluctant to tell sham because dennis lives where i'm vacationing and it might not work out anyway. even though i've taken a bus to this place, i realize my car is here - and it's been paintballed! damnit! dennis and i survey the damage.

then i go shopping and buy an outfit that i think makes me look great. i put it on and realize that the corduroy pants are really capris. grr. i put on the shirt and admire myself. i have on a cream-colored sweater embroidered in red with "mock me" on the front, and a heart with an arrow through it on the shoulder. apparently i also have on my lime green-striped GAP socks because t. takes one look and says, "if you wear that, they really are going to mock you." i hadn't thought about it! hee!

3:03 p.m. - 2003-07-09


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