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i was talking on a cell on my bed when the phone next to me rang. i said into the cell, "hang on a sec," and answered the other one. it was someone i really didn't know who wanted me to go somewhere. we talked for a little while before i realized that the phone, an old push-button, had no cord. wtf! how was that able to work? i threw caution to the wind and said i would come. then i picked up the cell and said, "man, you aren't gonna believe this..."

i left the house, climbed into my hatchback, and motored down the hill. eventually i got to an unfamiliar house that seemed to be empty. i sure hope it was empty in retrospect because lb appeared and we had nekkid, sweaty anal sex against the hall wall. it was very vivid. i must be more curious about that than i thought because... in waking life i'm not into it at all!

he disappeared and i left. i went to a grocery store and spent a lot of time in an aisle, deciding whether to buy a bulk junk item. the scene changed very suddenly and i was in bed somewhere, wearing a 19th century nightgown. nothing sexual was going on. the other members of the house were still up and it was deadville.

then the scene changed yet again to a university diner where a friend and i were meeting some woman. she had short blond hair and was wearing a sweatshirt, and i think i was wearing something similar but had on a ballcap. the conversation changed suddenly to me and my sexuality. "she's obviously a lesbian," the woman said. my friend said, "who?" and she gestured at me. i looked at her like she was nuts and said, "why?" but she wouldn't say. i think she was just projecting onto me.

12:43 p.m. - 2004-11-27


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