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dubious savior

a boyfriend and i were walking through the industrial underbelly of an airport, marvelling at how expansive and efficient it was. how we got in there i don't know, but we left via a normal staircase with a moving handrail that somehow pulled us up. my boyfriend was very excited about taking me to delirium later and chattered about it non-stop. we went out a rotating door and into a throng of people waiting to go on an amusement park ride. it was dark then, and we stood kissing in the queue. when the line moved forward, i went and he didn't. my dad took his spot in line and bent over to pick up huge jawbreakers that people had dropped. they were fine, just dirty. talk about being cheap!

at our turn, the scene changed entirely. night turned to day, and industrial metal and concrete gave way to a parched flat clearing. to get to the clearing, we had to clamber over some brush, grasp a few tree trunks and heave ourselves through the plants. the brush came to life and it turned out that we'd just stomped all over the cowardly lion's face -- and he was p-i-s-s-e-d. i hauled ass out of there, leaving my 69 year old father to be devoured by a lion presumably.

in the middle of the clearing, i dropped to my knees and discovered all the airport workers and their equipment hidden in the grasses. they were like ants among toys to me! i picked up a semi and threw its cab and trailer in opposite directions. each exploded. i turned around for some reason when i threw the trailer and saw my boyfriend's son's head catch fire. the horror! oddly, he had no reaction; he just stood there burning. i turned back to the airport workers and scooped up a bunch. my idea was to relocate them from harm's way, to save them from the wrath of the king of the jungle. sadly, i felt i didn't have time to get them all, but i did get some. as for myself, i still planned to run away.

6:58 p.m. - 2004-11-24


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