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fross & a really funny christening

i dreamed that fross had gained about a hundred pounds, and that he and i were having sex. at some point, we were rocking, but neither of us could cum. so we got dressed, went outside, and he left and never came back. i went over to my house and sat down on the ledge to eat.

as i was eating, uncle s. came over and invited us all to the christening of their new baby, a girl. (their church was inside our house.) most people at the service sat in chairs, but we sat on our couch -- and i was still eating! someone gave me the baby to hold, so i put it behind my head, like a pillow, until i finished eating. k. came over and asked s. when he'd be free again. i don't know what day it was, but he said, "not until at least sunday night." she was very surprised. i think they were putting the christeing off 'til then.

2:52 p.m. - 2003-07-09


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