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bug in my salad

dreamed i had a dinner date with m. t., m.'s ex, t, and m.e.t.'s new boyfriend. we were talking about the fancy new double decker metal bridges that had been built, and i said that the incline made me very nervous. then i had a vision of someone breaking up the bridge like king kong!

at the table, i sat between t. and her new man. i thought of asking m. about UCD, but didn't. instead i asked t. if she were still in school. she said she'd quit, and i started telling her bf about this hideous woman prof. we'd all had as we were laughing and eating our food, i noticed something strange in my salad. it was a black thing with a face! i poked one and it curled into a tight ball. then i started poking another one, but it wouldn't curl up. t.'s bf had cleared his blate by then, something i noticed when i jabbed the bug so hard that it flew onto his plate! i was embarrassed. he must not've noticed, because then he ate it!

2:46 p.m. - 2003-07-09


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