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a few years ago, i had some elective surgery done that really set off a co-worker. by the time she saw fit to put in her two cents, i'd already made up my mind and had scheduled the procedure. she was super mad about it and never forgave me. last night i dreamed that i called her to update her on my life since then. things were going well until i sensed a definite judgment being made. i invited her to meet me at the church so we could talk some more, and she came. we sat in the back pew and shot the breeze freely. about 20 minutes into it, i realized that my CCD class was on the kneeler in the next pew. b.p. turned around and said, "help me, i don't know how to do it!" i was slightly horrified to realize they could've heard everything if they'd been listening.

1:37 p.m. - 2004-11-19


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