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barely a whisper

dreamed that a children's party took place in the cavernous dining hall of an old house, the same old house that stole away my friend "pearly" by sucking her up the chimney. the floorboards around the fireplace where pearly disappeared were wet*, and i screamed desperately across the sooty logs for her to be freed. (i suspected that she was actually alive under the baseboards.) when i yelled with all my might, my voice came out barely a whisper. i couldn't make it louder although i tried and tried. finally a society matron came in from the dining hall, took pity on me and went upstairs to lobby on my behalf. as a result of her effort i learned omnisciently that the house had been stealing children for generations. she didn't come back by the end of the dream.

* - came from an episode of judge judy where flooding ruined the baseboards of an apartment

8:45 p.m. - 2005-11-18


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