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have a great night and a good day

i had a lot of unconnected dreams last night. first, i was living or staying in a basement with a bunch of others which was pretty unremarkable. then k. at work handed me a _completely_ nonsensical note from a. i had almost read enough of it to wake up and write it down, but i can at least say it was on the level of the "new school for this school year is not a 'school' school of schools type of school and the schooling there is not like what it was at the school that schooled me i.e. a 'school' school of schools type of school" from a game forum. it was nuts, the same word over and over.

then, for reasons i don't remember, i was staying with m. and feeling very protective of my big gulp. why? i would have let him have some. he didn't bother me much, just worked while i lounged and played with his dog, DR. PEPSI. that is clearly from my memory of the parakeet, dr. pepper. sheesh. when i'd had enough rest, or whatever, i left. i guess in my subconscious i consider us friends.

2:29 p.m. - 2004-11-17


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