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some of my books were in somebody else's locker, so i unlatched their tiny gold padlock and took them. as luck would have it, the principal was coming down the hallway right then and saw me. i explained the situation, but he didn't believe me and took me to his office. once there, i questioned his credentials and sat and waited for the period to be over so i could leave. i looked out the window behind him and saw k. sitting in her truck, but she didn't see me. then i looked out the window on the other side and saw a bunch of schoolkids doing exercises on the lawn. somehow i just knew they were foster kids, and that my brother had been put in a foster home. i started to cry. "why, why??" i wailed. "he's never done anything bad!" i stayed until twilight, then left on my own.

12:45 p.m. - 2004-11-09


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