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where's my $80??

a. and i and some others were competing in a contest for 80 bucks. we slid down a curvy, wooden slide as showers of fruit juice rained down on us. whoever consumed the most juice and ran to the endline would be the winner & would collect the money. well, i got to the endline first and was excited, of course. but the woman in charge didn't recognize me as the winner and didn't reward me at all. she gave a few people the full amount, a bunch of others like five bucks each, and nothing to me. i was like, what the hell? then someone asked me to go around and wake everybody up. i went into the next room and woke up about 25 asian people who were part of a tour group, i think. my mind was still on the injustice as i shook their shoulders. i decided to be a good sport about it, or at least a quiet one, and let it go.

1:05 a.m. - 2003-11-09


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