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Poor judgment

1. I had previously dated Johnny Depp, somehow.
2. I was going to visit... somebody, I really am not sure who, sone guy, and I was bringing Frank, and I had to stop at Smiths first. It Smiths I found a cool restaurant sign that I had to take a pic of, but my phone was an awkward size, I couldn’t get the whole sign in, my finger was in the pic, I couldn’t reach the camera button with my selfie hand... always something. Couldn’t take it.
3. I drove into a shopping plaza with no exit on the west side period and spent an obscene amount of time trying to turn that way. EVENTUALLY I had to concede defeat and leave, still trying to figure out ANY WAY to go that way.... impossible.
4. Somehow I magically got to my destination. Frank and I decided that cold Del Taco fries are delicious. Lies. They are salty and cold, yuck. I was at least a half hour late. We fiddled around with a clunky piece of equipment in the dark (that’s what she said). I was sitting on the floor like a 20 yr old. No sexy times clearly.. not sure what this dream is. Seems to be a series of refusals, delays..

9:20 a.m. - 2019-11-08


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