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Dream E is a sad sack

Dreamed I was in a line on MD Pkwy (tho it felt like CP on the Blvd) "to go to Europe." While in this line, I got into a scuffle with fellow line people. We definitely weren't passengers because there was no plane. I ended up leaving. I drove around MD Pky and saw Mark, my first bf, working in like a gamer/comic book shop. As we are now super old (late 30s), I decided he had to be the owner. I decided to go in but not say hello. Classic me. I managed to slip upstairs to his living quarters (ha - above the shop?! Those shops are single story) and found a pouch with some of my old belonging in it. I was flabbergasted. I found a bunch of old bank receipts and an old beanbag cow. I forgot all about that cow. I found a receipt with my wrong date of birth on it.. Wondered about that. I decided to throw out these items. I had no use for them. Plus, the bank statements, it had been over 7 I stood there, somehow I knew I had once sent HIM to Europe. I regretted launching his life when I still hadn't done much with mine. I guess I didn't say hello because I didn't want to say, Hi, I'm poor.

5:19 a.m. - 2014-11-08


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