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the methodical psychic

there were sightings all over the neighborhood of a purported psychic, a short female with bushy blonde hair. the one day i saw her myself, one of us followed the other to a small house and had an "appointment." she made me fill out a survey on purple paper, the same shade as a client's material at work. when she left the room, a mixed-race pregnant girl came in for a minute. i said to her, "look! here's the survey," and lifted the cover sheet.

then the psychic gathered up everything, took it into the other room, and went over it methodically. the pregnant girl went away and the psychic came in and told me some stuff about her, like that it was her fourth baby and that the couple who owned the house had taken her in until the birth. i looked at their picture on the wall and thought it looked very 80s. then the pregnant girl came back and the psychic started wowing her with all kinds of personal information. it made me wonder what kind of psychic she was if she'd had to study first!

12:56 p.m. - 2004-11-08


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