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CIA resort complex

i had the _alias_ dream again, where my friend and i are secret agents who've been betrayed by another agent. after we realize we've been double-crossed, we put all our gear on and sneak out the door. it's winter, though, and we have to step carefully down the snowy, icy path that leads to the woods. did we really think we were going to be safe in the woods? how dumb.

it got weirder after that. first of all, there was a tennis court along the path to the woods. the hell? were we trying to escape from the CIA resort complex? then my friend disappeared, and i was having an uncomfortable conversation with my father about my life choices. he compared me to t., which set me off completely. i ended up leaving the house in the woods, and stumbled upon a group of people dressed in bright blue burkas. they were all sitting in a row because they were going to watch a movie (in a clearing in the woods, mind you). however, one group of them was sitting on a front porch & all the weirdos of the group were popping up in front of my face. it was also like they were trying to sit on the laps of the people who'd found seats. they were adults, so it was weird -- but it was making me laugh for some reason. then, they were all sitting in long rows in the grass, and i remarked about how weird that was, too. i considered it weird not because of how they were dressed but because there was no movie screen.

2:12 p.m. - 2003-11-06


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