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@midnight in your car

After watching many @midnight episodes, I dreamed the following...

Chris Hardwick and I apparently stole a car. It was a Cavalier, and we took it because we were being pursued by an angry polar bear. We got into the car (he already had it) at a state park and tried somewhat desperately to make our grand getaway, but the battery of said car just wasn't very good. We couldn't really get the car going. There was precious little vroom. The polar bear was outside the car with his paws up and could have ripped it open like a can of sardines at any moment. I told him to just go, let's get away from him. Hit the gas, he hopefully can't keep pace with a car. As we drove, Chris yelled something vulgar out the window at a girl walking. I was mortified.

We went to an Autozone type place and ran into the owner of the car. We were asked point blank about the car. He gestured to me to do the talking. I told him I am a proud owner of an 8 year old Cavalier, so why would we want his? He gave me a skeptical look. I kept my mouth shut about the bear. I was just hoping we wouldn't be beaten up.

1:28 p.m. - 2014-11-04


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