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white lady, white dog

lb and some other guy and i went to baba wawa's palatial house to see all the new upgrades she'd recently made. the most interesting one was a two-tiered fireplace that our architect friend thought was a bad idea. he pointed up at the small dome on the ceiling, saying, "all the heat's going to escape through there." i looked up and saw that the dome had no opening. the tour continued as i shook my head.

the next area she showed us was the private, full-scale bathroom for her dog. contrary to lb's recent assertion that most white people have black dogs, baba's had a beautiful white-blonde coat. i looked at the dog in the tub with its toys, and then uncomprehendingly at lb while he pulled off all his clothes and got into the tub with it. just as i was saying, "...THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" baba took the dog out of the tub. lb's naked ass was the last thing i saw before i woke up.

2:28 p.m. - 2004-11-01


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