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lucy goes to church; 64th bday

i took my mother to church at the cathedral, but sat in the row behind her. she was wearing my boss's outfit from last night and looked very nice. when we went to communion, my mom scored two wafers -- which she then stuck in her eyes when she got back to the pew. i was shocked! who did i bring to church, lucille ball? it did make me laugh though.

then i dreamed that it was my grandfather's 64th birthday and all the women in the family were having dessert with him. it seemed impossible that he was only 64. then somebody complained about the presentation, and i got salty. my aunt and i took off in her suv, and she refused to pull over to pick up my mom, who was then dressed like a four year old and sitting forlornly on someone's porch. i wanted to get out but she just wouldn't pull over. the biatch!

11:35 p.m. - 2004-10-27


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