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first date

i went out on a date with f. and another couple (two women) and ended up at an ice cream parlor. one of the girls and i ordered something and f. paid for it. the girl who ordered told me that f's real name was aaron, which excited me. when we left the place, i exclaimed to him, "i just found out your real name! how come you never told me before?" he said, "it's only our first date."

for some reason, that really upset me. then he said, "i wanted to take the good wife out to dinner." i said, "what?" and he added, "the good parishioner." then he was walking away from me but still talking. i said, "i can't hear you, what?" and he repeated it, but i still couldn't hear him. it was repeated three or four times, but he just told me to walk faster. i told him to talk louder. i was getting agitated. when you're yelling at your date your first time out together, it's not a good sign. i told the other girl that we wouldn't be going out again.

11:43 a.m. - 2003-10-26


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