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i dreamed that i gave myself bangs in a public bathroom. they were mod-short, and actually looked good. my excitable asian friend had given herself some, too, although hers were longer. i scrutinized myself and rearranged the hair, but it basically looked good in any style. then i smiled at myself and they were longer, like a little too long. i looked at them like, "whaa??" the length kept changing. then i was going to pluck my brows, i guess, but i lost my tweezers down the drain. i just sighed as they slipped off the sink and disappeared down the hole. it was an old pair, not mine, and i would have to explain its absence. hassle.

later, in my grandparents' old house, a woman who looked like judy gold asked me to call the principal of a family's school and request special accommodations for their son during assemblies. i didn't ask why they couldn't do it themselves, but i think it had to do with a language barrier. anyway, i was to call and ask if he could sit near the bottom, near his brother, in case he had to use the bathroom. i wrote down their names and tried to write the message, too, but judy was rushing me. i had to yell at her in front of the guests to get the message straight, and that was kind of embarrassing. i practiced the boys' names, but didn't feel confident. i was afraid i was going to mess up.

12:42 p.m. - 2003-10-25


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