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2nd or 3rd dream, probably half about my roommate. A well to do woman was showing me trinkets and clothing in her apartment. She first held up an angel's doll head on a string and asked me if I wanted it. "Uh, that is an ornament," I said. "That goes on your Christmas tree." She put it in a box. She held up a skirt. "How about this? I think it will fit you." It was a white suede skirt with thin gold ropes at the top. It really wasn't my taste. I told her I woukd think about it. I went to a store near the old Buffalo Exchange on MD and ran into Lindsay Lohan. LL informed me she needed to go see someone and needed me to drive her. I was already busy and it was way far away. I said, can't you just CALL them?? She said if I call them they will hear my melodramatic music. I agreed. It was dusk and she was walking away from me in the parking lot, giggling. I felt I'd gotten out of it.

11:22 a.m. - 2018-10-20


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