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last night i drove away from my life, far far away to virginia. i got off the freeway at some point and drove onto the town's main arterial and thought, "ok, now what?" i didn't have a map. i parked the car in a public lot and planned to see the town on foot, i guess, but i chose to walk in traffic. why didn't i walk on the sidewalk? there was one!

apparently i got a room somewhere because i actually decided to go for a swim in the pool. there were a lot of people there, but for some reason i didn't care if they saw my cellulite. the pool itself was very strange. the walls had markings of water level, but the pool bed didn't correspond. the floor at the deep end allowed for about a foot of water, while the shallow end had about eight feet. i didn't discover this until i started swimming, though, and at the shallow end i said to someone, "this is very weird." maybe that's why no one else was in it!

i went back to my room and turned on the television. a local commercial was playing, but i barely had time to watch it before a new friend led me out the door. i found myself, sans friend, at the very shop of the ad, a seedy mattress company. i sat on a bed, hugged my knees, and watched people paw through the merchandise. why was i hanging around this mattress store? a middle-aged black guy sat down next to me and asked for advice about how to increase his income. i told him that i really didn't know, but then he curled his arm around my legs. was he crazy? i waited for a chance to free myself. why i didn't tell him to unhand me, i can't say.

12:50 p.m. - 2005-10-19


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