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grandpa & candy

I dreamed of my grandfather last night, a rare occurence. He was dining with me and someone else in a booth someplace like the Rainforest Cafe, but bigger, wearing his old brown flannel shirt. No one was talking, but he was smiling as he chased a soybean around the plate. I just watched the bean. There was no anger or anything unpleasant.

The scene changed to something like the Elmwood farm, but the houses were much smaller and made of tan brick. Apparently W., K., and their son B. were running a business from there. I arrived by bus or something, by myself, and went into W.'s office when I knew he wasn't there. What was I doing? I found a small card with Daddy and a P.O. box written on it in large letters. Why so big? As I rounded W.'s desk, I noticed two small bowls of jelly beans. Well, wouldn't you know that the candy got me again; I just had to grab a small handful, and of course a few got out of my grasp and rolled around on the table. "Oh, no ya don't," I said aloud, picking those stragglers up and putting them back. I did a quick once-over to his desk, then shut the light off and paused to look at something in the semi-dark. That's when I noticed a sneakered foot that was not mine! I was so caught, augh embarrassment.

12:24 p.m. - 2005-10-18


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