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raw meat and a missing heart

i was lounging next to a vast indoor pool with k. and her friend, j., and talking about t. and his college career when i suddenly had a handful of raw hamburger meat in my hand. i squeezed it (hello, freud) and leaned on k. while j. did the same on the other side. i glanced down at her pocket and decided to put it in there, but she knew my scheme right away and called me on it. then she smeared the meat all over her jacket and the three of us ate it together. gross!

across the natatorium, the doorbell rang. the woman who answered it called to us, "wanna see some animals?" we said, "what?" and walked over to investigate. my eyes immediately fell upon a small oxford shirt with a bloodstain on the breast. some kids had arrived, as if it were halloween, with animal masks on their faces, but this one kid was clearly missing HIS. ACTUAL. HEART. they asked, "wanna go to the zoo?" none of us did.

2:09 p.m. - 2004-10-18


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