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Perry the sommelier

First I dreamed I was at a baseball game inside a casino. I was clearly inside a building watching the game, however there were floodlights and bugs and the usual nonsense you would expect in a stadium. They did a good job recreating a ballgame inside this venue, I'll say that. I left and wandered on down to a dining area where I happened upon DKP and her husband. I decided to join them as if I do that all the time and waited for Frank as well. I guess he was supposed to know about this by osmosis because I'm positive he was back in his seat at the ballgame. What am I, Lucy Ricardo randomly flowing in and out of social opportunities? Seems that way. Anyway, the waiter came to take our wine order and it was PERRY. He was dressed like an organ grinder's monkey and had a pencil thin moustache. I waited for him to recognize me, but he didn't. It has been ten years, I forgive him. I didn't catch his wine recommendation.

6:04 p.m. - 2022-10-14


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