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Long, drawn out dream about trying unsuccessfully to climb over a friend's ornate work desk. My friends were married academics and I was on one side or the other of their desks depending on who I was talking to. The desks were small and curved weirdly, crammed into odd nooks, and we were all normal-sized humans in fall with bulky clothes and lots of bags. At the end of the dream I had pulled a drawer out to climb over his desk (the other side being jammed with people) but it was too wobbly and I couldn't get a good foot grip. There were also too many people on the other side. I decided to go around like a normal person. His wife, my friend, was standing on a box kind of blocking the exit. I considered tugging on her skirt to let her know I was coming through, but that seemed like a no-no. Why didn't I just use my voice like a normal person??

Then I dreamed I was in a room helping someone else escape, but whose side was I really on? I helped a girl escape some bad men with money, but then I gave the nod to my friend Gino that she was gone. Everyone ran out, all the way to the front of the neighborhood looking for her but she was gone gone. I was satisfied but I pretended to look for her anyway. I was safe either way but she wasn't.

10:24 a.m. - 2018-10-12


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