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Rudolph the black-nosed stranger

I was in a library having the world’s worst experience. My chair was apparently uncomfortable so I swapped it for a similar looking one with an even flatter cushion. The person next to me had spilled soda all over half a tray and all over the floor but I stayed there anyway.. I had papers strewn all over the place, notebooks, folders, etc. that indicated to me I was full of shit and trying to look like I was studying but wasn’t doing anything. I got out two more pieces of paper but inspiration did not come. I decided to gather up all my things and stuff them neatly into my bag which was apparently noisy… When I got outside I ran into a lawyer whose nose was half-dipped in black ink, a white guy with ruddy red cheeks. I apologized to him for disrupting his client’s session with my noise. “Yeah,” he said, stopping short of an “it’s okay.” It’s not really ok to be inflicting my bs onto other people.

8:45 a.m. - 2021-10-10


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