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casino entertainment

i was having a drink in a casino lounge, enjoying the soothing sounds of jennifer aniston's non-karaoke singing, when sharon stone barged onto the stage and took over with no warning. poor jennifer was relegated to back up status while sharon warbled away. "what... the hell's going on here?" i asked a passing waiter. "they're backstage talent," he replied. it was true; they were singing in the back of the casino in the employees lounge! but what was i doing there, i don't work in a casino.

i left and went out to the pool. there were tons of hot guys in it, so i decided to, er, swim. i think i saw l.t., but there were so many men that i couldn't really swim around. (note i was focused on the swimming and not meeting any men.) so i got out and just watched them for a while. ah, depression.

12:54 p.m. - 2005-10-10


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