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Perry runs a swanky hotel

I was visiting a swanky hotel for possible work training when I discovered that its manager was none other than Ferry. The interior of the hotel was mainly white with blonde wood accents, lots of natural light and was quite beautiful. I was trying to find a particular area but got lost, so I went to the front desk and that’s where I met Ferry. Ferry handed the hotel clerk a note that said SEX on it in a keno crayon. It was a joke, we all started laughing. We were just standing there talking like old friends when I decided to use his head and neck as a heat warmer. My hand was freezing. We’ve always been cordial and platonic so don’t ask me why I did this, no idea. I was rubbing my hands all over his neck and hair trying to warm up. He just let it happen.

Sources: Interior decoration vlog; dwelling on PAB

8:07 a.m. - 2022-10-08


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