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Dreamed I basically swiped a cake from someone else and decided to improve on its decoration without asking its owner. I took it from an outdoor area to an indoor commercial kitchen and began adding jelly beans and changing the decoration -- only instead of improving it I was kind of wrecking it. Also, while it ws in the cooker I'd stopped paying attention to how long it had been and become confused. Then I looked at the display and saw it was ok. I went back to my decoration and realized I needed a frosting bag for writing. I decided on purple. Meanwhile a teenager had joined me in the kitchen and was sitting on the counter. Her friends and family were outside the door wanting to see her. Her mother began telling me how great she is at gymnastics because she keeps them busy all the time. I told her her daughter was only slightly nervous about the next meet. I said she would be out soon. I went back to my cake and saw it had shriveled to a large cookie type, double cookie. I decided to write Happy Birthday Caylee on it. I didn't even ask what her name was. How did I...? The frosting bag did not really have enough frosting in it and the tip was shoestring skinny. I was getting ready to write when I woke up.

8:46 a.m. - 2018-10-06


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