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violence, vibrators, and human specimens

dreamed that some friends and i sneaked into another friend's old house and were able to witness past scenes of family violence. the house had long since been abandoned, and everything in it was dilapidated. i don't know why we were there, and i wanted to leave before the floor gave way. the scene changed suddenly to a classroom where some demented person was hosting a sex toy party. i looked around the room and saw j.s., a girl i have recently confirmed is a lesbian. when the show was over, we both left with the same style of vibrator.

i have no idea where i was going after that, but i ended up at a meeting in a seedy motel where many hispanic men had brandings on their faces. another friend, d., pointed some of them out to me, and i studied the scarring on one man's chin. the guy just sat there while we talked about him, impressing me with his self-control.

(that one is about the seventh graders my friend wants me to teach in a religion class. i'm sure the branding part comes from his branding their behavior bad.)

10:07 a.m. - 2005-10-06


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