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instead of there being offices and meeting rooms in the cbc, there are dorm rooms. i go into the first one on the left and discover that the crazy girl in it has killed her two roommates. the blood is all over and the bodies are still in there. needless to say, i hightail it outside. i see my friend in the hallway and grab her, going, "there've been murders! aren't you scared??" she seemed rather nonchalant.

down the sidewalk was k.d., walking a lion as if it were a dog. she had put sunglasses on it and was attempting to lift it up. i just had no time to comment, my life was at stake. when i got to the parking lot, my friend was gone and it was night. a vending machine stood on the edge of the lot, and i looked it over carefully. it didn't contain food; instead, you could leave a message for someone if you had the right change. i didn't, but i pushed buttons anyway. i discovered a message from g.m. left for p.g. it was recorded, and all it said was "hi". gay, i thought.

i went home and found a gift from k.p. she'd sent me a long tube of fish the color of chicken broth. the tube was the size and dimension of a poster tube, but was an aquarium filled with fish that had been sent through the u.s. mail system. the tube had been wrapped in the same material that cd binders are -- black and padded. i unwrapped the tube and stared at the fish in amazement, wondering how they'd survived the trip.

then the whole scene changed to an important ceremony of asian royalty, although no one seemed perturbed that i was white and, um, not royal. i was fighting with someone over a ritual ironing. really, we were preparing a gift for someone, and it involved washing and ironing. it was odd. i can't remember much more.

2:04 p.m. - 2003-10-02


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