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woodrow and the elmwood farm

i was out at the elmwood farm, enjoying some public event, when l2 came up to me and said that there was a spot on the back of my shorts. i went to the farmhouse to check it out, and he came into the bathroom with me. sure enough, there was a spot of something, but i didn't think it was too serious. l2 left the bathroom and i washed out the offending mark. when i came out again, he was sitting with the owners of the farm as if he were a member of their family. i went into an adjacent bedroom and listened to my father lecture him about going back to school. "woodrow," he said, "you've got to do it, either that or go back to the hospital." 'what is this woodrow stuff? his name is j.l.,' i said to myself. just then, a beautiful woman came into the room and offered me some finger food on a tray as if i were some kind of invalid. there was also a book of job coupons, someone's none-too-subtle hint that i should look for a better one. i was just about to eat one of the rolls when someone woke me up.

12:06 p.m. - 2005-10-01


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