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Spinster wedding

Dreamed I'd married a hunky Richard Gere type, but like the 1989 RG, not today, and I was my current self, and the airport employees informed me my father had arrived. I was thinking, no, that's my husband. Sure enough. We were getting hitched and the well wishers at the airport wanted to take pictures. Apparently I'd gone ahead and bought the new phone because it was the only thing in my bag, but it stil took me 99 years to put away so I could greet my man. I also discovered I was wearing some kind of high heel. Maybe I was a younger me? Current me would never suffer for fashion. Anyway we queued up for photos even though I was in a nervous mood. He was the one who'd arrived at the airport, but I felt like I was the new one on the scene.

10:02 a.m. - 2019-09-28


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