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college graduation

i was sitting with my classmates, preparing myself for college graduation, when someone came up and handed me a speech. "what is this?" i asked. "everyone has to give a talk," they replied, "and you're going to be judged." 'oh, hmm,' i said to myself. i looked over what had been chosen and was fine with it. one of my sloppily-dressed professors came over, and for some reason i laughed loudly and inappropriately in my seat. everyone shushed me. i was aggravated with him for sexually harassing me, and debated whether to add that to my speech when it was my turn. (good sense prevailed; i didn't.)

eventually i gave my speech and headed over to the judging area for my score and diploma. our scores were written on calendars, and i lost seventy-five points for that laugh. my rating? cook. apparently "cook" was a passing mark, though a curious one for an english major. the professor came up again and i said, "who's going to judge you?" he replied, "oh, i've been judged," and showed me his performance review on the calendar. i don't remember what it was, but i was satisfied by it. i left the hall and walked/ran across the campus in my gown. just before i turned a corner, i skidded on my short heel. 'damn these shoes, they have no traction!' i exclaimed. a shuttle came along but i refused to get on it.

11:59 a.m. - 2005-09-28


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