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black walnut

slightly scary in an all-too-realistic way about working in an ice cream parlor. it was the one on e. ave., and people were there before the store was officially open. i helped a woman who wanted black walnut on a regular cone, and when i handed it to her i accidentally broke the cone with my thumb. "i'm sorry, do you want another one?" i asked. she didn't. i rang her up and then had to fend off a kid who wanted to see the hurricane machine. i suspected he got what he wanted a lot, so i arbitrarily refused to let him behind the counter. when i woke up, it passed through my mind that, worst case scenario, i could work there again. then it occurred to me that the r.'s now own that restaurant, and i wouldn't want to do that. (whew.)

12:24 p.m. - 2005-09-27


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