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a family of seven went on a rafting trip, but only five came back alive. weirdly, the dream was narrated by stone phillips, as if i were watching a harrowing episode of "dateline." they all put on lifejackets but had no belts to secure themselves to the raft. the parents told the children that they would be separated by the end of the "ride," and that they would meet up at a designated location. um, the parents knew most of the children would fall out of the raft *but took the expedition anyway*! as the raft went over a steep, bumpy section of rocks, it tipped over and most everyone went head-first into the water. the ones who survived, a blond boy of about seven and a few girls, found a rustic pharmacy and took all the aspirin.

the perspective then shifted to the mom and dad, secure in bed at home. they were not at the designated location, waiting for the children. they seemed pretty unconcerned about their whereabouts. the dad, who looked an awful lot like the pastor on "colonial house," announced cheerfully to the mom when she came in, "i waited until you got here to turn on the television!" stone made no comment.

11:35 p.m. - 2004-09-27


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