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packing again

today, it was all about keeping appointments (which i didn't) & packing for a trip. i was packing for a vacation & thinking carefully about what to bring. i found myself in the lobby of fdh, then back in my old bedroom. some of the things i wanted to take were wet and made the task tough. i had the suitcase mostly filled by the time i woke up.

the scene for both of these things was in my old bedroom in illinois. when i pondered why, i came up with baggage and childhood baggage. i certainly do have a lot of childhood baggage! apparently i am trying to go forward in life with my childhood baggage still with me, which is 100% TRUE. i know i cannot do this. i wish i had unpacked the bag in the dream. what a doozy.

1:56 p.m. - 2003-09-25


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