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wash 'n' watch; feeding a cat turkey

the fam' was shopping for a washing machine with an attached television. we looked long and hard at all of the models, finally settling on one with an ENORMOUS tv on top -- like the size of a microwave in 1982. when the phone rang after i woke up, my first conscious thought was, "it's about the delivery!" uh, of course.

then i dreamed, again, about having too much sliced turkey. i was sitting on the steps of a house, feeding someone's cat some turkey, when i had a feeling of impending doom. i was about to get into trouble for something, so i gave the cat some more and tried to make a hasty exit. the problem was, i suddenly had A LOT EXTRA and the cat couldn't eat it fast enough. there was turkey all over and i couldn't hide it. i put it down in front of the kitty and ran around the back of the place. no one caught me.

1:20 p.m. - 2004-09-24


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