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Sincerest wish with a twist

I dreamed I arrived in Peoria and found KP working at a hair salon/homeless agency. She seemed happy to see me and had somehow also initiated, and ALSO apologized, which I took to be a grand apology, which made me wonder if word had gotten back to her that I had been angry. Her .sig line in the email was her name, work number, work email, standard stuff -- and her Social Security number which seemed super bizarre. But okay. I went into the place and she showed me around. At one point I grabbed the hand of a drag queen and we strolled around in a friendly way. (??)
I went over by her area and felt very tired from traveling. I... decided to take a nap on one of the couches and fell into a deep slumber. When I awoke, K was gone. She..... left me there, didn't say goodbye. I pondered it in the dream. I came to see her, I guess I had hoped to see her after she was off. Why didn't she wake me up? I realized the phone number in her email was her work number. Did she think I was homeless? She couldn't possibly! I went out the door and looked at the busy street beyond the parking lot. Guess I would have to entertain myself.

9:41 a.m. - 2018-09-22


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