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two, two, two anxiety dreams in one!

i was walking around in some multi-level school when i heard that kids were jumping off the balconies. i went out there to see, ,and they sure were. most of them were boys and dressed from another time period. i looked to see where theey were jumping, at it was from the balcony to a slope. it was too far for me, so i crawled in a window and went to visit my brother at a motel.

a cop stopped me and asked to see my ID and registration. i couldn't find either. i knew i was going to get a massive ticket just like t.'s. the amount of the fine just made me sick.

next, i dreamed i was writing a check for something dad had bought at home depot that cost more than $7000. as i was writing it out, i thought, "wow, that's pretty steep." then i spelled something wrong and started writing in really big letters. for some reason, i was writing the word comfortable all down the back of the check. but i had it spelled wrong! i had to fix it before i could give it to the cashier, and by that time she'd started helping other people. i looked over at dad, who was waiting for me by the doors. i fixed all the spelling and looked at the check like, ok -- now what? i tore it off and felt relieved. i handed it to the cashier, who said, "ugh. is he still here?" then i woke up.

2:24 p.m. - 2003-07-09


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